20km de Lausanne (2017)

The Lausanne Sport Department’s annual 20km attracts hundreds of runners and sport enthusiasts to the city; Event Works (EW) helps organizers keep tabs on the media, VIP, and exhibitors who come to support and celebrate their achievements!

Though runners are the stars of this event, several other stakeholder groups play important roles in creating the best event experience for participants. Wiz-Team SA designed and delivered an EW solution that gave planning teams the tools they needed to easily manage the registration of a variety of distinct stakeholder groups (i.e. media, VIPs, etc.) while effectively delivering on event functional needs, like inventory management, invoicing, and online payment.

This event featured an innovative application of the EW Accreditation functionality. With parking limited and reserved for select invited guests, the event team needed a way to track and monitor the use of their inventory. Leveraging several out-of-the-box functions within the EW system solution with the EW Access Control Gate App, organizers developed and delivered customized QR code enabled parking passes to their selected guests.