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Wiz-Team provides comprehensive event management solutions that combine powerful event technology, passionate event professionals, and innovative insights from our community to drive the evolution and optimisation of event delivery.

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Empower event managers with smart, scalable, user-friendly tools.


Build technology that evolves and adapts at the pace of the event industry.


Drive toward a future of more cost-effective and sustainable event delivery.


Event technology built for event managers by event managers since 2012.

why event-works?

Module Spotlight

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This module leverages the power of configuration to support the end-to-end management of both the most straightforward and most complex event accreditation needs. Fully integrated with access control, this tool allows you to ensure the right people have the right access to the right places at your event.
Access Control
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Paired with our accreditation module, EW Access Control increases venue security and your visibility into the real-time activity of your event...all with through an integrated mobile-app. Coupled with a web-based configuration engine, this tool allows you to digitise your access control boards, monitor your access control devices, and manage participant flow through entry points all from one web interface.
Event registration
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Collecting the information you need from your event participants is at the core of event management. Event-Works flexible registration interface and form builders gives the power back to the event managers to build and design the tailored registration workflows they need. With open links, invitation/RSVP based registration, group/bulk registration, proxy registration and much more at the ready - this module delivers the tools you need to collect the information you need the way you need it!
Hospitality/Guest management
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Placing the guest experience at the centre, Event-Works integrates a series of our core modules to create the tool kit hospitality providers need to support a guest's event journey from touchdown to takeoff. Guest registration, guest programmes, guest communications, guest accommodations, guest mobile apps...and more, are what come together under one solution to support your guest services team to deliver unforgettable experiences at your events.
Sport Entries and Qualifications
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As one of our more niche modules in our portfolio, Sport Entries and Qualifications module manages the data journey of athletes and officials from the start of registration to the start of their competition. Stopping just short of timing and scoring (though well integrated with industry providers), our configurable SEQ module supports both single and multi-sport needs and will scale to your event's needs.
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This module integrates several of our core functionalities to bring an end-to-end solution to visitor management. From registration, to self-check-in kiosks, to meeting scheduling and access control; this tool will help automate and expedite your visitor experience at your permanent or temporary venues.
Volunteers and Workforce
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Workforce and volunteers are the heartbeat of events. Without them, much of what events deliver would not be possible. Ensuring you have the right people for the roles needed is a critical and sometimes very complex part of event management. This is where EW comes into play! From demand planning to recruitment, role assignments to scheduling and rostering - this fully integrated tool kit helps you execute the most complex and straightforward workforce needs while keeping the volunteer or staff member experience at the centre.
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Wiz-Team surrounds our products with experienced event professionals who have a passion for helping to solve your most challenging event management needs through technology. Not only that, but implementation of Event-Works includes comprehensive services and support to ensure onboarding and adoption of a new tool is a smooth as possible!

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