Accommodations Management System: Special Olympics World Games 2023


Special Olympics World Games


Berlin, Germany


June, 2023

Event-Works’ Accommodations module has a new look!

From 17 to 25 June 2023, Berlin welcomed 7,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities and unified partners from 190 countries to compete in 26 sports. The athletes were supported by more than 3,000 coaches and 20,000 volunteers. That means +15,000 people with accommodation needs, and over 45,000 accreditations will be issued to ensure a smooth and safe event flow. This is where Wiz-Team comes into play. As Official Supporter, we are providing a highly innovative and fully integrated set of tools through our all-in-one ‘Event-Works’ platform to support the end-to-end participant journey from touchdown to take-off. 

At the World Games, Wiz-Team’s new accommodation module was used to manage the distribution of almost 84,000 rooms across 42 locations.

Here is a snapshot of the new core features and functionalities, aimed at supporting accommodation teams across the events industry to operate smarter:

> room block management, allowing back-office users to not only create an accommodation inventory, but build blocks of inventory that can be allocated to stakeholders and clients by a range of accommodation parameters including room type, maximum capacity, and date ranges;

> room block allocation, linked to room block management, this feature allows the configuration of rules and parameters for the quick and accurate allocation of inventory by blocks to participant populations, groups, or categories;

> contracted and current room inventory management, enabling to keep track of what has originally been contracted with the hotels to then adapt and monitor the releases or increases of rooms;

> front-end allocation management, empowering external stakeholders (through a dedicated partner portal) to manage their room blocks by assigning their participants to actual rooms within their allotment. This allows them to self-service the creation of their rooming lists while tying all of their actions to inventory management features for back-office users

Lia Luzzi, Wiz-Team’s lead Delivery Manager at the World Games, explains: “Thanks to these new functionalities, it is now much easier for the local organisers to handle the complex task of planning and allocating accommodation for so many people. The rooming lists are generated automatically and any changes to original plans can be followed-up on easily. Furthermore, our new way of front-end allocation empowered 185 delegations to manage their own allotments which proved highly efficient and took a significant burden off the organisers’ shoulders.”

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