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Introducing Event-Works

Wiz-Team believes the future of the event industry is driven by event professionals who are inspired and empowered by the tools they use.

From event registrations to workforce management, Event-Works is an all-in-one event management platform with a suite of customisable tools designed to flex and scale to the changing needs of an evolving event delivery.

Click-reducing features bring automation ideas to life streamlining daily operations and saving time.

Powerful data management functionalities and a robust configuration engine optimises data collection and sharing across an event’s lifecycle.

Introducing Event-Works

A Modular Platform

Access Control

Mobile App Enabled
Offline Scanning
In/Out Scan Modes
Device Monitoring
Capacity Control
and more...


Digital or Printed
Badge design tools
Matrix builder
Venues, Clusters,
Zones & Entitlements
Two-Part Passes
and more...


Inventory Management
Direct Booking
Request Bookings
Hotel Manifests
and more...


Guest Registration
Guest Mobile App
and more...

Rate Card

Item Inventory
Order Management
Spectrum Booking
e-Payments and more...

Sport Entries

Single or Multi-Sport
Quota Management
Team Entries
Individual Entries
Final Team Size
and more...


Pricing Sessions
Ticket Inventory


Arrivals & Departures
Passport AI Readers
Multi-Leg Travel
Visa Letters
Travel Agency API
and more...


Visitor Registration
Meeting Bookings
Self Check-in
Badge Production
Access Management
and more...


Volunteer Portal
Demand Planning
Role Assignment
Shift Scheduling
Rostering and more...
the value of Event-works

Configuration before customisation

Event-Works is a configuration tool box which leverages the power of configuration to bring agility, flexibility, and scalability to event technology.

In doing so, we effectively:


Product evolution is in our DNA

Our platform is a commercial product.  By default, it is never static and evolves along a continuous development roadmap. Our end users play an active role in defining our product roadmap each and every day.

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