Supporting digital transformation objectives: Asian Football Confederation & the AFC Asian Cup


Asian Football Confederation


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Supporting digital transformation objectives: Asian Football Confederation & the AFC Asian Cup


Since 2022, Wiz-Team and its all-in-one Event-Works management system have played an integral part in the success of more than 150 events of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). This two-year partnership with the umbrella organisation for Asian football member associations (under the aegis of FIFA) has spanned across a diverse range of activities from seminars to committee meetings and culminated most recently at the AFC’s flagship event – The AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023.The AFC Asian Cup was held from 12 January to 10 February 2024 in Doha, Qatar. Organised every four years, the AFC Asian Cup brings together 24 national teams from across Asia to determine the continental champion.In the context of this event, Wiz-Team, and its event management software (Event-Works), was tasked with supporting the AFC in managing the registration, travel, accommodation, data workflows and management activities for AFC Asian Cup guests.This continental event has proven key in Wiz-Team’s collaboration with the AFC as it allowed to put planning and theory into practice and test-drive a series of incremental changes and solutions being implemented as part of the AFC’s ongoing digital transformation.

Wiz solution

Wiz-Team’s involvement with the AFC Asian Cup went beyond the sole provision of its event management solution, Event Works, and on-site operational support services.

Significant system implementation and assessment activities were also undertaken by the on-site team consisting of delivery lead Elisa Pinheiro Brown and Wiz-Team APAC Director Anthony Moore.

Highlights include refinement and enhancement of the system integration with the AFC’s legacy CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform; analysis of real-time tool usage and behaviours by end-users; configuration adjustments to data management workflows and procedures; and consultation on evolving business needs with key functional leads.

Wiz-Team’s partnership and digital transformation collaboration included: Workflow and business process review, record and audit log checks; cross-functional data management reform; Event-Works configuration assessment; operational gap-analysis, and future configuration strategy.


Wiz-team’s approach for the AFC Asian Cup was rooted in a shared longer-term vision in supporting the organisation’s ongoing digital transformation and integration objectives. The event acted as an ideal backdrop for implementing and evaluating Wiz-Team’s tool and solutions in action as well as getting real-time feedback from the AFC operation team.

Outcomes of this collaboration in leading-up to and during the AFC Asian Cup include:

  • Improved and fit-for-purpose configuration: Through its tool, Wiz-Team configured a workflow to fit the AFC’s needs. This AFC-specific workflow included essential Event-Work modules such as the Guest module, Partner module, profiles, EW Connect and sessions. By being on-site, Wiz-Team was also able to observe the tools implementation in situ and gather real-time feedback to make the necessary reconfigurations.
  • Consolidation of solutions? The integration and adoption of Event Works in the AFC Asian Cup … has helped bring together guest operational workflows and functional areas under one platform. This has helped reduce the number of solutions, excel sheets, and platforms from X to Y.
  • Enhanced event operations: Wiz-Team not only contributed to the backend development but also provided hands-on support and on-site assistance and consultancy during the AFC Asian Cup to guarantee a smooth execution of the event. This resulted in improved reporting, clearer workflow, and alignment between different departments for future events.
  • Integrated digital solutions: Processes are now underway to achieve full integration of Event-Works with their CRM platform and have fully clean data.


Wiz-Team is committed to providing solutions for the AFC that deliver real value to day-to-day operations and improve the effectiveness of their events. There is still work to be done as the process of digital transformation has revealed more opportunities to streamline work, reduce manual efforts, and connect solutions through integrations.


AEMS is a long-term project for AFC-Wiz partnership, there’s so much that we have gone through and accomplished together over the past 2 years.”
Helen Yeo


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