Sustainable event management: check out our new Digital Events App

Introducing new module available on Event-Works

In its ambition to deliver sustainable events and ease operations on the ground, Wiz-Team recently added another App to its service offer called the Digital Events App. The new module is linked to Wiz-Team’s Delegate App and was launched for the World Athletics Congress in August. Paper versions of reports and other important conference documents were transformed into electronic documents and integrated into the App, featuring on a platform accessible via desktop and mobile devices.




“Our new solution is environmentally friendly, easy to use and offers the opportunity to integrate lots of different dynamic contents like video clips or live polls to engage the delegates during the event,” explains Wiz-Team’s product owner Pascal Beauverd. “Based on the groups they belong to in the Delegate App, users can access different pages through a safe, password-protected access. The new module also provides pragmatic search and bookmark functions.”

Pascal Beauverd - Wiz-Team Product Owner

Understanding clients’ needs 

Like all other modules which are part of Wiz-Team’s all-in-one event management platform Event-Works, the new App can be tailored to the needs of the different customers and events. “We are already in conversation with a range of other clients who are keen to use this new tool for their future conferences,” tells Pascal. “Paper-free is the way to go.”

As a product owner for all Wiz-Team Apps, Pascal acts as the liaison between the clients and the development team. His role is to understand the clients’ needs and translate them into technical requirements for the development team so they can implement the features. Pascal then monitors the development process daily, accompanies the testing and asks the development team for modifications where necessary.

“It’s very easy for our clients to configurate and customise this new App” emphasises Pascal. “Originally this module was designed for General Assemblies and other institutional events, but you could also make good use of it on other occasions, for instance for observation programmes during sport events.”

Apps: a part of our daily lives

Having been an App Developer himself for 14 years before he joined Wiz-Team almost two years ago, Pascal is very well-versed in this field. He confesses: “I am a geek as well as a sports lover. The environment I am working in provides me with great motivation – it’s very rewarding to see a product you helped to develop being used to deliver a major sport event. It’s also great to be involved in many different projects as most events require the use of Apps.”

Asked about how things have changed since he started to develop Apps 16 years ago, Pascal confirms there has been fast-paced evolution in this space. Nowadays, Apps are highly popular and almost everyone uses dozens of applications on their mobile phones on a daily basis. Everything that revolves around applications has also evolved drastically, enabling ever-greater innovation and functionality. Whereas in the beginning applications were a gadget, today they are at the heart of development and thinking.

Pascal highlights: “In fact, all of Wiz-Team’s public interfaces are developed with a ‘mobile first’ design. Our aim is to reach as many people as possible, if not all, of our target audience. We use Flutter so that we can have Apps on iOS and Android with a single development cycle.”

The range of projects Pascal is part of involve different teams and colleagues across several countries and with Wiz-Team’s rapid growth, new structures and ways of working have been set up to remain fit for purpose. Pascal concludes: “It’s good to be forced to break habits, embrace new approaches and get to know different mindsets. Personally, I find the cultural mix very enriching and every day I learn a lot.


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