3 questions to… Li Neo Tay, co-founder and Director of Operations at IGNITX

For the past month, Li Neo Tay, Co-Founder and Director of Operations at IGNITX – a network of event professionals and a strategic partner to Wiz-Team for event operations – has joined Wiz-Team at its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, as an external consultant to support with product development. We caught up with Neo to talk about what she’s been doing at Wiz-Team and the value of partnership.

How have you enjoyed your immersion at Wiz-Team?

I spent much of last year being back home in Malaysia, with no travel, much like the rest of the world. After such a long time working alone at home, in lockdown, it was so nice to be working in a team again, to be able to share and interact with peers in person. I’ve known Wiz-Team since 2019, and I’m familiar with the team, having worked with them at past events, so it felt like coming back to visit good friends who you are comfortable with. And we have fun, which is important!

What have you been doing and how are you working with Wiz-Team?

Having worked in the Sport Entries and Accreditations Functional Areas for the Local Organising Committees of several major international sport events since 2009, I came here in the capacity of a functional expert within their delivery team as they prepare for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games as well as another major event coming up later this year. Drawing from my own event management expertise and IGNITX’s network, I’m test-driving and supporting Wiz-Team with new releases of their accreditations and sport entries applications, as well as helping their team shape the viability of these new modules for years to come. In short, I’m helping to bridge the gap between the tech solutions, the users and the wider major sport event market.

Since 2019, IGNITX has partnered with Wiz-Team on several projects, why?

Because of the innovation and the breath of fresh air that they bring to a system from a Games management point of view. At IGNITX, we’re a people’s company, not a systems company, so as the strategic partner of Wiz-Team, we have a real appreciation for Event-Works and its customisable, empowering, time-efficient, and user-friendly functionalities. But for us, it’s also about the people behind the system. We share the same values as Wiz-Team, and we appreciate their openness and willingness to innovate, improve and enhance what they do with ideas directly from the community of people who face the day-to-day challenges of event delivery. Smaller tech companies like Wiz-Team bring passion, connection, and principles to what they do. When they work at events, they give it their all and care truly about delivering quality, as do we. Mutually supporting each other with our respective unique expertise is then a win-win situation.

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