3 Questions to… Wiz-Team Delivery Manager Valentina Rios

What happens when your organisation is ready to move forward with a new and innovative tool for their next major event? One of the very first and most critical steps is a personalised system onboarding experience and a made-to-measure training programme.  For Wiz-Team, these are cornerstone elements to both short and long-term success of our clients, their projects, and our Event-Works solution.

We caught up with Valentina, Wiz-Team Delivery Manager, who has helped design and deliver over 100 hours of Event-Works training and onboarded over 15 new clients to Event-Works over the past year, to discuss her experiences fulfilling this crucial role.

What’s the biggest challenge when designing trainings?

The biggest challenge when designing trainings is learning and understanding the needs and perspective of our clients when you’ve only just met them! For the training to be relevant and effective for each client, we need to understand where they are coming from and where they want to go. Though needs can be similar, each client has a different idea or vision for how they want to use Event-Works; and because it is such a customizable tool, our training strategy for each client needs to be too.

What are key ingredients to designing and delivering effective trainings?

  • Create scenarios that are real or relevant to the client
  • Storytelling and creating interaction with attendees
  • Hands-on experiences and challenges that reinforce the skills being taught
  • A bit of humor! A few funny moments helps keep the atmosphere relaxed

What’s the value of such trainings?

From a client perspective, Wiz-Trainings trainings are a chance to get to know us, they reinforce our working relationship, build trust, and help them to begin to imagine the possibilities of their event management system. From a Wiz-Team perspective, these engagements give us new and exciting insights into event delivery around the world, a deeper understanding of the challenges our clients face, and of how to evolve and develop our product for the future.

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