Participant experience elevated: Wiz-Team and fielddrive at SportAccord 2024

Participant experience elevated: Integration, Innovation, and Impact at the core of Wiz-Team delivery at SportAccord 2024

It has been a month since Wiz-Team was in Birmingham serving as the Official Event Management System Supplier for SportAccord’s World Sport & Business Summit, and we are still buzzing from one of our most successful conference deliveries to date!

The weeks leading up to and during the Summit were packed to the brim with software and service delivery showcasing some of the latest and greatest Wiz-Team, and our partners, have to offer event organisers. Our very own best-in-class event management platform  Event-Works was at the centre of pre-event planning and operations supporting everything from event registration to guest communications. When it was time to deliver on-site operations, we leveraged the power of our delegate app and our partnership with fielddrive to bring an enhanced participant experience from the moment participants stepped on-site.

Here is an exclusive roundup of our action at SportAccord 2024!

  1. Integrate: An end-to-end approach to participant experience

By providing SportAccord our all-in-one event management platform Event-Works, Wiz-Team helped to ensure a smooth visit and overall experience for the 1,700+ attendees prior and during the 5-day event. Our solutions supported the registration of participants, the management of arrivals, departures, programme management, accommodation booking, payment, and accreditations, to name just a few.

Though the power of event management solutions during the pre-event operational phases generally goes unnoticed, on-site technology is front and centre. This year SportAccord participant onsite experience began a couple weeks before they arrived!

EW To Go, our Delegate Mobile App, delivers event participants key information, networking, notifications, and event programme details to their fingertips. For event organisers, our custom branded SportAccord application did just that. With over 1100 attendees actively using the application, event organisers really lived up to their slogan “Where Sports Meet” by providing a tool for participant to participant engagement, messaging and meeting booking.


The SportAccord app also provided instant access to the event’s full programme, the list of speakers as well as information on local cultural activities, relevant social media threads and other useful information. Truly a one-stop shop for event information right at the fingertips of every attendee!

  1. Innovate: The power of our strategic partnerships

After a five-year hiatus, SportAccord was eager to ensure that the participant experience was a step above the rest from the moment they arrived.  Introducing Wiz-Team + fielddrive self-check-in kiosks. This was a “first” for everyone attending the Summit, and it certainly was a gamechanger in queue management and arrival flow for both SportAccord and event participants.

How did this work? Upon entering the venue for the first time, delegates simply scanned their personal QR code received in a pre-event email or within their SportAccord Delegate App.  Through a seamless data integration, the kiosks locate the participant, validate they are approved, ask for verification of identity, and generate their customised accreditation. All of this happens in less than 20 seconds, with the printing itself lasting between 6 and 8 seconds long, and in full color with attendee photo!

“It’s fast and secure. Even at peak times, we never saw any delegates queuing to receive their badges. Event management technology has definitely advanced rapidly over these past few years – never before have we had such a smooth access solution for SportAccord. We are grateful to Wiz-Team and fielddrive for having provided technology of the highest standard to our event.”
Martin Gibbs
SportAccord Managing Director

  1. Impact: Speed, security and cost efficiencies at the core of delivery

Integrated event management solutions are what is driving the next chapter of event delivery all around the industry.  Passing information between providers quickly and seamlessly is essential in delivering innovation to the event experience while ensuring operations runs smoothly, securely, and efficiently from start to finish.  This was exactly the objective in the Wiz-Team + fielddrive joint delivery of participant check-in and badge production at this year’s SportAccord’s World Sport & Business Summit.
Danielle Lopez, Head of Business Development at Wiz-Team notes: “The guest and event participant experience is demanding a more frictionless experience from technology.  Effortless, easy, cost-effective, secure, and sleek are some of the buzzwords we are hearing from our current and future clients; and we are pleased to offer them just that!”

Pascal Lagadec, VP Sales and Business Development at fielddrive, explained: “Integrating our self-check-in kiosk solution with Wiz-team provides event organisers the best of both worlds. It combines our innovative, secure, and automated check-in workflows with the power and flexibility of a configurable event management platform. Together we deliver a delightful attendee journey based on speed and innovative tech, all the while providing event organisers with operational peace of mind and incredible brand enhancement.

The Wiz-Team and fielddrive check-in experience are today present across a large range of conferences organised by different sectors and recently, they have become increasingly popular within the sports industry. They are also being used by the European Commission and European Parliament for its Visitors Centres in Brussels (BE), Strasbourg (FR) and Luxembourg (LU) respectively – another joint project between Wiz-Team and fielddrive – which leverages the same technology for access management at a permanent venue. This is becoming increasingly interesting for other permanent sport industry venues like LOC headquarters, performance or training centres, and stadiums.

Pascal adds: “Our integrated solutions offer variable levels of security and control to event organisers and venue owners while maintaining a best-in-class participant experience. From QR code scanning to passport readers, to facial recognition and black-list checking, our visitor flow solution in combination with Wiz-Team’s event management tool leverages leading and innovative technologies to ensure that credentials delivery is slicker and tighter than ever before.”

Couple this security with Wiz-Team’s badge designer, accreditation, and access control, and together the partnership can deliver advanced capabilities and comprehensive solutions for event organisers and venue owners, who in turn benefit from significant savings in space or real estate as well as staffing costs. Alone, more than 1,000,000 visitors generate their own RFID-enabled badges through self-check-in to the European Institutions each year and have virtually eliminated all queues. An experience SportAccord Summit participants had the opportunity to witness for themselves last month!

Danielle concludes, “Finding innovative ways to bring the best of the business together under one fully integrated solution, like we did with our partners at fielddrive, is critical to meeting expectations…and raising the bar here at SportAccord and across the event industry!”


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