New visitor registration and access control system unveiled at European Commission

It is fast, fully automated and more secure: the European Commission this week completely revamped its system for registration, badge printing and access control for its Visitors Centre. The new solution developed jointly by Wiz-Team and our partner Fielddrive uses kiosks which integrate Wiz-Team’s event management software Event-Works, high-speed printers and an ID/passport reader to create an all-in-one and seamless self-check-in experience. In 2022, these ten brand-new kiosks will manage the check-in of more than 500’000 visitors to the European Commission!

But how does it work exactly? First, Wiz-Team’s visitor management application V-PASS to register visitors online.  Through a customised API visitor data is sent to the kiosks, provided by Fielddrive in preparation for the arrival of new Commission guests. Next, the kiosks, equipped with high-speed printers and passport readers, validate visitor information upon arrival, AND print on the spot smart RFID enabled access badges fit with customised building access rights.

This automated and integrated approach not only optimises check-in at the doors of the Commission, but it drastically improves the data management experience – reducing manual data entry; which means reduced errors, increased data protection, and higher data integrity.

It’s the first time that Wiz-Team and Fielddrive have offered jointly delivered this innovative solution, which will benefit many more clients in the future who need fast, automated, and secure check-in experiences for visitor management.

Fielddrive is a strategic partner of Wiz-Team, specialised in helping event planners around the world to manage visitor flows with the fastest check-in, highest security, and live analytics.

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