Wiz-Team and FIM look at 3-years together

Wiz-Team ready to step up a gear by signing a multi-year partnership with the FIM!

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) is partnering with Wiz-Team as the official FIM Event Management System Provider until 2027.

Through this partnership, Wiz-Team and their all-in-one event management platform Event-works will support the delivery of operations behind guest and participant experiences at FIM conferences, meetings, competitions and the Annual FIM Awards.


The platform will help the FIM event staff manage the following aspects for their annual portfolio of events:

📇 Guest Registration

📞 Guest Communication

🏨 Accommodations

✈️ Travel Logistics

🕹️ Itinerary Management

🔖 Accreditation & Badging

🔦 Access Control

🪑 Sitplan Arrangement

📱 EWtoGo – Delegate Application

Outside of the platform, Wiz-Team will also be providing on-site services working side-by-side with the FIM events delivery team to support the operations and real-time delivery of guest and attendee experiences.

Upcoming FIM events include: 

  • 2024 FIM Awards (7 December – Palma de Mallorca)
  • 2024 Intercontinental games (30 November /1 December – Jerez)
  • 2024 Board meetings 
  • 2025 FIM Commission Conference  


Keep an eye out for more insights and innovations out of this partnership in the coming months and years.


FIM is adding a new event to the Event-Works-supported portfolio! The Intercontinental Games will be the first sport competition Wiz-Team and FIM will deliver together highlighting  the versatility of the Event-Works platform.

To learn more about this event 👇

“It’s great to have our friends at FIM back on board in the Wiz-Team community. We are excited to embark on our next chapter with them, especially as they explore new and exciting events.
Tim Goethals
Wiz-Team's COO
"We are excited to work again with Wiz-Team as we look ahead to our expanding corporate’s events calendar. We build on solid basis of our recent cooperation with renewed efforts and with new features that the Event-Works tool brings along. Versatility and flexibility are key factors to drive consistency and efficiency in our guest experience. World Champions, National Delegates, guests, athletes and officials will all have a personalised environment to help their interaction with the FIM. This saves also time and resources which aligns with our digital strategy."
Damiano Zamana
FIM's Deputy CEO & Operations Director

About Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme  

Founded in 1904 in Paris and currently based in Mies (Switzerland), the FIM is the International organisation acting in all matters connected with motorcycling activities (sporting & non-sporting) and defending the rights and interests of motorcycle users and industry. 

121 National Federations across the world and regrouped in 6 Continental Unions are affiliated to the FIM. 

To learn more, visit : https://www.fim-moto.com/en/ 


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