Never change a winning team: Wiz-Team and ANOC extend partnership

Never change a winning team: Wiz-Team and ANOC extend partnership

Wiz-Team and the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) have announced that they are renewing their long-standing partnership for another three years through to 2026. As official ANOC World Beach Games and event management solution provider, Wiz-Team will support the global umbrella organisation of more than 200 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) with the smooth delivery of its multi-sport events as well as its institutional meetings. The latter comprise the annual ANOC General Assembly as well as a range of workshops and commission meetings of different sizes.

How it all started: inspiring a multi-sport events product strategy

Wiz-Team founder and CEO Johann Woringer said: “ANOC is one of our longest-standing clients and the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games became Wiz-Team’s first multi-sport Games to deliver. They served as an important catalyst to accelerate our product strategy in this area. Ever since, our steadily evolving all-in-one event management platform Event-Works has supported successfully the delivery of other major sports events like the Commonwealth Games and some of the biggest World Cups and Championships.”

Co-creation for user-friendly solutions

In 2019, ANOC also organised its General Assembly in parallel to the ANOC World Beach Games – marking a first for Wiz-Team in terms of combining a sport competition and a General Assembly within the same platform and space. Creating one seamless experience for guests of both events required some clever configuration and data transfers within the platform.  This gave a 360 view of a guests experience across multiple events and inspired a host of new ideas and insights in Event-Works multi-event delivery.

Over the years, Wiz-Team has created a feedback mechanism for engaged and experienced NOCs who keep supporting Wiz-Team’s development of client-driven solutions, all aimed at making Event-Works and the related applications as intuitive as possible.  Aligning nicely with the ANOC community of users, Wiz-Team has also started to work in parallel with a couple of the world’s largest NOCs in areas like meetings and event operations as well as Delegation Management for major multi-sport events around the world.

“We are very happy to renew our partnership with Wiz Team as we aim to provide the best service for our NOCs. We have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Wiz Team over a number of years and worked with them to develop event management solutions tailored to the needs of the NOC family.”
Gunilla Lindberg
ANOC Secretary General

Supporting ANOC’s digital transformation

For many years, Wiz-Team has been playing a key role in the ANOC technology stack for operations.  Event-Works has served as the primary data collection, guest communication, and event operational platform to support ANOC’s goals of streamlined data management and event participation for their annual calendar of all types of events.  Working in tandem with ANOCs experienced event operations team, each event’s digital experience for event participants and administrators has improved upon the last.

Most recently, Wiz-Team has worked closely with ANOC to further integrate Event-Works into their digital strategy i.e. by designing an expense management module which integrates directly with ANOC’s finance systems. In doing so, Wiz-Team has provided a single one-stop-shop for event attendees and ANOC administrators to manage post-event reconciliation workflows, enabling important time savings and an improved user-experience across the board.

“Together, we have journeyed a long way,” concluded Johann Woringer. “We are thankful for ANOC’s trust, and we are thrilled to continue our successful collaboration with them for years to come.”

What’s next?

Via Event-Works and its suite of customisable tools designed to flex and scale to the changing needs of an evolving event delivery, as the Official Provider for Games and Event Management Solutions, Wiz-Team will continue supporting ANOC in key areas like communication, accreditation, access control, accommodation, travel, seating and invoicing. The next key event on ANOC’s agenda is its General Assembly from 28 October to 2 November 2024 in Cascais, Portugal. NOCs will have the possibility to meet Wiz-Team in person at a dedicated booth – see you there!


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