Event Management System: European Athletics

After a year of no competitions because of the COVID-19 outbreak, European Athletics was back in action in March 2021 for the 36th European Athletics Indoor Championships in the Polish city of Toruń.

In light of the ongoing global public health crisis, the number one priority for the event organisers was to ensure the health and safety of the 2000 or so athletes, staff, volunteers, officials and event stakeholders.

This meant implementing a strict medical and sanitary protocol including testing, tracking and monitoring the movement of people within and around the event.


Wiz-Team provided European Athletics and the Local Organising Committee with all the tools they needed to create and manage COVID-19 PCR testing workflows for accurate and up-to-date monitoring of participants’ health.

Through its solutions, Wiz-Team also helped ensure communication remained consistent and efficient with critical information and PCR results being shared instantaneously to stay at all times one-step-ahead of the global public health crisis.

In addition, a creative application of Wiz-Team’s Event-Works Accreditation, Meetings & Sessions, and Access control modules enabled a close monitoring and tracking of people’s movement within and around the event

✅ 15 Access control scanning devices used with Event-Works’ Accreditation module successfully automated and monitored testing and safety protocols across 13 venue access points.

✅ Flexible form and field builder gave organisers the possibility to create COVID-19 PCR testing workflows for accurate and up-to-date monitoring of athletes and administrators’ health.

Triggers and schedulers helped ensure consistent and efficient communication to keep everyone aligned and working together on activating COVID-19 policies and procedures.

Live reporting allowed for critical information and PCR results to be shared instantaneously and integrated with Access control to stay one-step-ahead at all times.

✅ On-site presence to train volunteers, troubleshoot and support with event operations.

✅ A total of 2’000+ people were tested according to European Athletics protocol, and 16’603 scanned to enter the venue.

The keys to a successful event were the integration of each participant’s medical data into Event-Works; providing a QR-Code on the accreditation card linked to this data and controlling access accordingly; and the professional on-the-ground assistance by Wiz- Team.


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