Montevideo, Uruguay


November 2017

For many events, like the FEI General Assembly, group or team management functionality is critical; Event-Works (EW) gives both event operation teams and group managers the ability to communicate information and coordinate logistics all in one platform.

The powerful EW Partners module allows event organizers to create customized user portals for group managers (i.e. team managers, partner coordinators, donor group lead).  This “front-office” portal is a user friendly, one-stop-shop location for group managers to build lists, complete registration profiles, request accommodations, and download their own reports.  Savvy bulk data management features allow for easy uploads of big data sets, while drag and drop features allows for easy profile updates like new photos or passports. 

FEI event managers found this module particular useful during their 2017 General Assembly in Uruguay.  By equipping their group managers with a full-service portal, 133 National Federation administrators could easily register their group of participants without the need to send excel sheets of personal information through emails.  The EW Partner module also gave FEI event teams the ability to customize pricing structures according to each group’s affiliation and payment structure. EW Online Payment features gave FEI the opportunity to keep all relevant invoicing and transactions in one place!

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