Accreditation and Access Control System: FIVB




Italy & Bulgaria


September-October 2018

Accreditation and access control, Event-Works (EW) helps operations teams in both Italy and Bulgaria manage zones consistently and efficiently for FIVB first ever multi-country World Championships.

For FIVB’s Men’s World Championships, more than 3’500 accreditations where allocated to attendees, athletes, and officials.  The user-friendly EW Accommodation module helped equip management teams from a variety of operational locations create, assign, and manage access rights across their designated lists.  For some groups, like media, EW Webforms were enabled to run an on-site registration and approval processes to streamline application, access, and entry procedures.  The result, quicker decision making, quicker troubleshooting, and a consistent experience for attendees across the entire event.

Enabling on-site management teams to monitor and manage the flow of people in and around designated areas gives them the ability to adapt and respond to changes much quicker than anyone with Wiz-Team SA.  They know best where people can and cannot go. Giving them the training and tools needed to execute their best plans ensures that their event experience is delivered at its best.

As an added bonus, coupling EW Accreditation module with powerful access control reporting gave event organizers the opportunity to accurately track venue usage, making invoicing simple for post-event reconciliation.  As an added bonus, the popular EW Access Control Gate App functions in both online and offline modes.

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