Lausanne, Switzerland


May 2017

The 2017 SAP Forum invited over 1000 people to register and customise their event experience; Event-Works (EW) helped organisers manage every attendees’ self-selected experience with ease.

SAP annual forums attract hundreds of software and business professionals from around the industry. EW played a major role in, not only registering and accrediting event attendees, but communicating with attendees before, during and after the event.

EW Registration, Accreditation, and Sessions modules were integrated with our on-site activation apps EW Access Control Gate and EW Delegate App to provide event organisers and attendees with the tools they needed to fully enjoy and navigate their customised event experience. Together these apps provided digital agendas, updates, and speaker schedules across attendee phones. The added benefit of foot traffic reports through QR code scans helped generate insight reports for sales leads and post-event follow-ups.


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