2023 Wrap-up: Wiz-Team keeps growing and innovating…

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Wiz-Team gets off to a flying start in 2024! After 2023 turned out to be an amazing year for Wiz-Team, 2024 promises nothing less with more anticipated business growth, new exciting partnerships and major events on the horizon. We kicked off the New Year by announcing a multi-year partnership with Major Events International (MEI), a […]

Wiz-Team and Major Events International look at 3-years together

Wiz-Team announces MEI Partnership: Elevating conference and summit management together in 2024 and beyond! Wiz-Team has been part of the Major Events International (MEI) community for the past three years as a member organization. Today, Wiz-Team is stepping up its involvement and engagement with the management consultancy and, starting from 2024, has entered a multi-year partnership with […]

Sustainable event management: check out our new Digital Events App

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Introducing new module available on Event-Works In its ambition to deliver sustainable events and ease operations on the ground, Wiz-Team recently added another App to its service offer called the Digital Events App. The new module is linked to Wiz-Team’s Delegate App and was launched for the World Athletics Congress in August. Paper versions of […]